FiredFox... or The Shame of Mozilla

  Some years ago, when heterosexualism was still dominating, it was said it would be discrimination if someone suffered any loss due to the fact that he was a gay. Today we are seeing the opposite. People are being repressed due to the fact that they favor the classic marriage and oppose the same sex marriages. The latest ridiculous case is with the new (and already former) CEO of Mozilla. Brendan Eich was fired, due to the fact he has donated $1000 to support Proposition 8 campaign in California. It is funny that the people of California supported Prop 8 so Eich obviously was on the winning side. Never the less he was fired due to a protest from gay society that is becoming a winner in gay-marriages battle due to political support and incredible court intervention in the democracy.

    In fact it is not democracy already, as democracy means power of the people, while we are seeing power against the will of the people. But the mechanism of turning the “gay marriage” into normal is not the point of this analysis. The point is after gays have won what happens with the rights of the loser – the proponents of the classical marriage?
   Obviously they are being repressed by suffering losses due to their beliefs.
   Is Brendan Eich qualified and prepared for being a CEO of Mozilla? Obviously Yes. He is the creator of the popular programming language JavaScript and a co-founder of Mozilla itself. He has bachelor and master degrees and experience in the IT sector. So from professional point of view he is suitable for being a CEO.
   Anyway he is not a CEO any more. Due to Prop 8 donation.
   So if Eich was a gay, was appointed a CEO of Apple in 1984 and a week later was fired due to being a gay, how this would be called? Discrimination?
   The society obviously is going in the wrong direction by repressing people due to their beliefs. Just as proponents of gay marriage had the right to defend their views, the same right belongs to the opponents of gay marriage. Limiting this right is an initial form of fascism. A system where you declare the only ideology or point of view right and any other opinion is forbidden.
   It is a shame for Mozilla. It is not excluded this way it will lose more fans than if kept Eich and defended the equality right in thought.

Dobri B.
April 5th 2014

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