Who is selling gold?

Who is selling gold? This is the most interesting question today. To be honest, we must point that gold is not the only asset that is going down. Most of assets are going down due seemingly to Bernanke verbal market manipulations. But in fact the same comments from the outgoing FED Chairman could do exactly the opposite. They could be interpreted as a risk for increasing interest rates that will lead to a bankrupt of the Federal government and this could make safe havens more attractive. So who is selling gold?


EU ministers to punish banks, while still obligating them to make stupid investments

EU finance ministers have made a right decision to move the losses of banks to shareholders and creditors. Anyway they have left some options for losses for taxpayers that make the decision not clearly capitalistic.


Bernanke has made Italy a guinea pig of financial future

Bernanke verbal action on QEs will remain only verbal and in fact almost nothing will be changed. This is clear for everyone that understands basic financial principles and looks at the government budget. But it looks as Bernanke speaking will hit some of the weaker parts of the world financial system.


How Snowden and CIA will poison the US business environment

The spy case with Edward Snowden will have much bigger than seen at the moment consequences. And most of them will be not political, but economical.


The economic price of too much and new human rights

The famous media historian Niall Ferguson has published a new book entitled “The Great Degeneration: How Institutions Decay and Economies Die”. This is the latest and probably a true prophecy on the end of the Western Civilization.


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