Why Russia is strong and The West is weak?

    These days Russia looks very strong and victorious, and the led by USA West looks weak and even funny. But the truth is some different. Russia really has some advantage, but not in general power. It has advantage in the trend. Russia goes up, the West goes down. The Ukraine victory of Putin is a consequence of these contrary evolutions of the two sides. It is like a first victory of the new rising power against the old – that is waning.


Visa and MasterCard in a Russian roulette etude

     An impressive hit on global image of MasterCard and Visa was initiated by Obama administration in an attempt to simulate sanctions against Russia in a response to Ukraine crisis. On a highly competitive market and with Bitcoin knocking at the door, it is a form of madness to use the control of credit card operators for achieving political goals.


Does Putin have other choice?

     The Crimea crisis is may be the first brutal visible result of the decomposition of the Western society. We are seeing a strong leader occupying part of neighbor country, and in exchange receiving much talking and some funny sanctions, excluding the leader himself and the highest ranking officers of his government.
     In fact the West can do nothing. The West first has lost the political battle, after pro-Russian parties have won presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine. After that the West has lost the economic battle by offering Ukraine only 1 billion euros ($1,4 billion) for a period of 7 years. At the same time Putin offered $15 billion almost immediately. And at the end the West has lost the military stage by just sitting and looking how Russian loyalists occupied Crimea and requested joining to Russia.


Another Red victory in Washington

As expected, the American Communist Party in its two wings, has found a solution to the budget crisis. An extra borrowing, printing money and running in an accelerating speed to the abyss. In order to stop this nonsense it was needed the effort of a single senator. This could send the vote in the next weeks.


A low interest drug withdrawal mini-test

An instance of what really the “low interest drug” means is very well seen today. The controversial signals from FED on the QEs have kicked almost all markets in uncontrollable moves up and down with general trend of down. May be this will mean Fed will soon announce another money print round – this time in an effort to save the stock exchange whose fall is not less important than the government debt of the official reason for money print - economy and unemployment. USA simply cannot allow long periods of assets devaluation as much social systems are dependent on the asset prices – for instance pensions. So the too bearish symptoms on Wall Street are a good excuse for another QE.


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