Lowflation - the new perverse EU paradigm

   The scarecrow in Japan was named “deflation” and it motivated an unbelievable money print of Yens that is expected to resolve the 2 decades of stagnating Japan economy. So at the moment BoJ is “fighting” the deflation and the “too strong Yen”.


The impossible ReaganOil strategy on Russia

   Much idle talks appear these days as a part of verbal counter measures of West countries against Russian advance in Ukraine. The most attractive of all ideas is crushing Russia by lowering the prices of oil, gas and natural resources. Some analysts even remind the experience of Ronald Reagan’s policy to press USSR by dumping the oil price to $9 per barrel. But it is neither a Reagan time, nor exists any candidate of becoming Reagan-2. In fact the politician that is most close to Reagan now is… Vladimir Putin.


Turkish war-gamble is much more risky than Ukrainian

While the world is fixed on Ukraine, much more interesting and dangerous things happen in Turkey. Yes, a NATO member and associated as market with the European Union. For months up to now is going an internal war inside the ruling elite. Almost every day appears any discrediting information about someone in the government. Up to now hundreds of mid and high ranking officials have been fired, along with even some ministers that resigned. The prime minister Erdogan is hardly keeping his office, and first flashes of anger appeared even between him and his close mate – The President Abdullah Gul.


The West is preparing a new gift for Putin

   While the world is trying to blame Putin with all possible sins, somewhere hidden in the backyard remain the important problems of Ukraine. That is on the way of becoming a country dissolved due to bankruptcy.


What do sanctions on Russia mean?

A catastrophe. The answer in one word is this – a catastrophe for the West.


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