Microsoft to retry the pirate model

  The idea of offering free Windows for smartphones and tablets may look like a surprise, but in fact it is nothing new with Microsoft. In fact Microsoft has always been the biggest supplier of free software in the world. Not officially, but in fact exactly - number 1.


FiredFox... or The Shame of Mozilla

  Some years ago, when heterosexualism was still dominating, it was said it would be discrimination if someone suffered any loss due to the fact that he was a gay. Today we are seeing the opposite. People are being repressed due to the fact that they favor the classic marriage and oppose the same sex marriages. The latest ridiculous case is with the new (and already former) CEO of Mozilla. Brendan Eich was fired, due to the fact he has donated $1000 to support Proposition 8 campaign in California. It is funny that the people of California supported Prop 8 so Eich obviously was on the winning side. Never the less he was fired due to a protest from gay society that is becoming a winner in gay-marriages battle due to political support and incredible court intervention in the democracy.


Bitcoin - too good to be true and too bad to be allowed

   If you invest in any of the currencies of African countries, you will take a great risk of high losses. Anyway African currencies are absolutely legal and you can buy and sell them as much as you want. At the same time the leading central banks of the world one by one are starting fierce attacks on the Bitcoin. Why Bitcoin is bad and too risky for customers, while Zimbabwean dollar is absolutely legal to buy, along with the shares of Facebook that are highly overvalued? Why you can risk with thousands of assets on Wall Street or Nasdaq, but you cannot buy and sell Bitcoins? Why government “protection” is needed with Bitcoin and not needed with obvious market bubbles that almost sure will burst one day and bring enormous losses?


US miltary companies trying to become the second winner of Crimea crisis

   Amid much idle speaking on Ukraine crisis there rises a new beneficiary of it, that is to become the second largest profit-maker after Putin, with potential even to surpass him in mid-term. This lucky guy is called “US military industrial complex”. In most of the East European countries that have borders with Ukraine, or are close to it, always has started a PR campaign on the need of rearmament of the army with new and better equipment. On the front of this propaganda in some countries are even high positioned officials – presidents, PMs and ministers. It looks as they themselves have been hired by corporations to promote new military equipment opportunities.


QE size continues to match the size of budget deficit

Many comments can be heard on Fed’s QE3 policy, but there is one principle that obviously always is followed – the size of the QE is about the size of the federal budget deficit. It is a fact that due to sequester and to battle in Congress there was achieved a decrease in the negative result of government balance sheet. So – in answer now Fed lowers the QE.


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