A homo wins Eurovision, Putin wins sympathy on East

   Prima facie Eurovision is a show business and has nothing common with politics. In fact it has much common, and becomes a new reason for anti-West rhetoric on East. That coincides with Putin’s advance in Ukraine, perceived by much people as the long waited revenge for the West. This year on Eurovision the winner was a half-man half-woman person, a girl with a beard. Another scandalous show person that achieved his/her purpose. And ruined the image of the West. Exactly now all west civilization and culture is under a mockery because of too-gay and too liberal thinking. This comes exactly in time to support Putin’s efforts to prove Russia’s own moral values and to strengthen the words “don’t inculcate us your values”.


Russia is making extra money of the crisis

   It looks as Russia is making money of the Ukraine crisis. While the West is talking about sanctions and only talks remain, the only result of them is pushing some of the prices of natural resources up. The prices of resources which main producer is… Russia.
   Nickel and palladium are the stars today with impressive price peaks. The fear of stopping the Russian export may be leads to accumulating reserves from industries dependent on these materials. So instead of paying a price for Ukraine, Russia is making more cash.


A new currency war coming

   It looks as another round of currency way is on horizon. In EU ECB is commenting on QE policies including some exotic experiments like “negative interests”. In Japan comments appear that up to now money-print was not enough and Yen will soon start to increase its value. In China strange movements of Yuan surprised investors that got used with the trend of constant increase of its value. In all 3 regions statistics showed extremely low inflation that backed the concept of more monetary activity in future.


Bitcoin to enter through the back-door

   An interesting trend is observed in the area of virtual currencies – the technology staying behind them is becoming more and more attractive for the regular banks. Along with the attempt of governments to repress the competitor of the fiat-money, goes a natural process of partial implementation of virtual currencies philosophy.


Yahoo in the dilemma of easy money

Marissa Mayer will have
to decide what to do
with $10 billion easy cash

   Yahoo is an Internet business company and not a venture capital entrepreneurial company. This is the most relevant answer on what should be done with the extraordinary cash it will receive with the IPO of AliBaba. This type of income is like a gift from gods for Yahoo. Therefore it cannot be involved in the business model. I.e. the most logic way of using the money is to return it to shareholders.


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